Saturday, June 27, 2015

America has not been a forerunner in giving equality, as it should.

Even as a little girl when I was being raised as a Christian I was also taught to be grateful to be in America, where we are allowed to worship as we please.  Now, as an adult, as an agnostic, this freedom, means the freedom not to worship.  This also means that we are surrounded by those who are different yet deserve the same rights.

In a group that prays, I bite my tongue and remain quiet until they are done.  I choose not pray, but I don't say out law it.

I am pro-choice, so long as the fetus is not viable.  Perhaps I won't agree with every woman's reason but I don't think the government should share what is acceptable.  If I become pregnant I will miscarry, so really abortion is not a question I have been faced with.  One thing I do know, is that no woman should be forced to have an abortion nor forced to be sterilized.

With regards to marriage, it is very likely when I marry, it will be to a man.  Same sex marriage does not lessen the value of heterosexual marriages.  Same-sex marriage should simply make you happy that you live in a country that allows you to marry who you please.  That you marry who you love.  That the government doesn't dictate who you love.

It is my opinion that America should have been the first to give the freedom to marry, nation wide, but in looking back to history, America has not been a forerunner in giving equality, as it should.

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