Friday, September 20, 2013


I haven't kept this up to date much, but I am going to start.  I need somewhere to talk about my injury.  Facebook isn't good.  FetLife isn't good because I started going to munches.  So to state where I am and was.

In November I was attacked at work, and received a concussion.  I have post concussion syndrome which is a traumatic brain injury.  I failed to get proper treatment, and was denied it.  I had a horrible doctor and I was too out of it to realize it.  I don't really remember about three months.  I have flashes but no real memories.  Before the injury my memories are like reading books no feeling.

My short term memory is returning, my speech has mostly returned.  I still dislike reading, something I use to love.  My face on the right side is numb. I scratch it a lot.  My arm is numb, it is great for shots and blood work.  :)

I have been fighting workers compensation non stop for money and medical care.

I haven't slept through the night since my injury.  I am just tired all the time.  I cannot stand sounds at all.  Ear plugs are my friend.

I am also losing weight at an alarming rate.

I am using a lot of pain meds.  I am sort of happy it isn't oral medication.

I started going to munch and went to the dungeon though playing is out of the question for right now.  I think it is too dangerous... who knows.

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